Kate Svoboda-Spanbock is an architect and interior designer who works with homeowners and business owners to discover what they really want from the places where they live and work, and then works out effective ways to get them there. Her creative process prioritizes her clients’ goals while they still exert the maximum leverage, and she guides the project to take the best advantage of the opportunities presented.

Kate knows that our spaces affect our lives every minute of every day, often in ways that are subtle, and that the cumulative effects are powerful.

Her background includes years in construction as well as health care projects, transit work for the City of Los Angeles, and the rehabilitation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis house. She teaches both design and technical subjects at the graduate level, and her breadth of knowledge allows her to think deeply about every aspect of her clients’ space.

Kate is licensed as an architect in California and New Mexico, and certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. She is a certified interior designer in California.

She holds a M.Arch. from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc.)

Kate Svoboda-Spanbock, AIA, NCARB, CID
310 880 3091